This is process to prepare International water Fest 2010. Coordination about item and strategy to publish our program.



Photo of International Water Fest 2008

International Water Fest, was started on 2008. This is a documentation about International Water Fest 2008 in Bandung.



This event will consist of series of activities which cover:

a. Performance Art
This performance art will involve theatre, dance and musical performance. The opening and closing of the festival will be a theatre performance by Teater Payung Hitam and mainteater. It will also include dance and musical performance in a solo way.

b. Seminar
This seminar will cover water sustainability issue which continues to lessen. It will also cover the issue related to water in more complexes sense, for example the industry character that doesn’t pay much attention to environment, thus it results in water polluting, etc. We expect that this seminar is not only just a talk with a conclusion, but it is expected to result in a more concrete continuity about the management of water and environment. This seminar will have the representative of WALHI (National Director), public figure (Abah Iwan), State Minister for the Environment, leader of traditional society (Kampung Naga), and celebrities.

c. Photo and Poster Exhibition
This exhibition will focus on the water issue. The inventorying process will be done to the participants that are allowed to join this exhibition. Besides displaying the photos, the posters from the competition are also being displayed. It is not only the winning posters that are displayed, but also other posters as an appreciation of the issue. The exhibition will be held in the Lobby of GK Sunan Ambu STSI Bandung. Some of the photos and posters of the winners will then be published in the book of creative writing competition as an insertion.

d. Documentary Film Screening
This screening will focus on video art and documentary film which are made by participants from 10 countries. The discussion will be done to support the screening so that the impact is not only limited to visual appreciation. The speakers of the discussion are from the participants and experts (Slamet Rahardjo/Garin Nugroho). As the insertion, the documentary film from Eagle Awards (Metro TV) and the other documentary film with water issue will be played.

e. Creative Writing Competition
High school students will be the target as the agent of change who will initiate and execute the formulation of strategies and solutions which emerge from workshop and discussion (roadshow). The participants of this competition will write a letter to President and essay to State Minister of Environment. The competition is open for high school students in Bandung and surrounding. The theme of the writing is about water.

f. Poster Design Contest
University students will be the main target in this posters making contest about water. This contest is expected to emerge awareness to love water (environment) through visual appreciation.

g. Roadshow
The roadshow will take place in high schools with the content film screening about environment (Eagle Awards, another movie with water as the theme), video art, and discussion, distribution of water filtering and planting a tree. The socialization about creative writing competition will be done in this roadshow. It can be a discussion or a short workshop.

h. Publication
The works from creative writing and poster design competition winners will be documented in a book and it will be distributed to schools, libraries, public and private universities and civil organizations as the part of water and environmental care campaign. The book will be distributed for free so that the expected impact plant deep in the heart. The discussion of the book will be held as the launching of the book.



Water Festival is an activity concerns to water glorification ethos which is held by Payung Hitam Foundation, the organization which develops environmental care program through the appreciation of wider public from many activities, environment workshop, seminar and performance art.

Water Festival is started in 2008. It is in the form of performance art from domestic and foreign artists, such as Dance Performance from Africa, Theatre Performance from Indonesia, Collaboration of Art Installation and Video Art from Serbia, Philippine and United States of America with Global Warming as the issue. 10 countries will join this Water Festival 2010: Serbia, Japan, Netherland, Philippine, America, Canada, New Zealand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and South Africa.

This cultural movement is the attempt to develop the awareness of water glorification as the method of advocacy and education for public. Payung Hitam Foundation works together with emtiarts in managing an event called International Water Festival 2010 with emphasizing on the art of performance (theatre, dance, musical, and art installation), seminar, creative writing and a roadshow to high schools.