The winner of Creative Writing Competition is:
First winner: Daryanto (SMAN 1 Cisarua)
Second winner: Pawitra Lintang Andayani (SMAN 5 Bandung)
Third winner: Dini Hardiyanti (SMAN 1 Baleendah Kabupaten Bandung)
Fourth winner: Doni Mulyana (SMAN 7 Bandung)
Fifth winner: Mohammad Rimba Putra (SMAN 5 Bandung)
Sixth winner: Nurul Khotimah (SMAN Tanjungsari Sumedang)



In the name of International Water Festival’s committee, we would like to confirm about the POSTPONEMENT of International Water Festival 2010 schedule. We cancel the previous event date from June 05 – 10, 2010 to August 30, 2010.

This postponement is done in order to adjust the schedule of International Water Festival’s participants. The main event will be done in STSI Bandung.

Hope this postponement doesn’t impede the continuity of our cooperation. Please, be advised with the condition.

Thank you for all the attention.


about work

Work Synopsis

Charlie (Netherland)
As an artist, my work is often inspired by the sea. This is natural, as our bodies are in fact basically made of sea water. Our memories are carried on the waves of the sea, our dreams drift on the tides of the waters which make up our planet. Sound is also an important component of my work, and water is a perfect carrier of sound. Water and sound, memories and dreams, the sea is our life’s blood. My video triptych ‘Memory Cycles’, which was in an earlier exposition ‘Apa Ini Apa Itu’ on Bali, is a voyage of personal discovery within this concept.

Ivana (Serbia)
I am interested in human freedom that is limited in both physical and spiritual ways. I try to understand how these limits influence the formation and transformation of personality, and the process of transformation in itself.
The video work IN THE CENTRE OF A WATER CIRCLE is recorded from inside an object which consists in four mirrors, reflecting to each other and a LCD- screen that plays a short film about water. Reflections inside the object give an impression of geometrically structured endless space, within which the film and the eye are being multiplied and thus create an abstract, imaginary form.
The metaphysical atmosphere of the picture represents the journey from the outside material world to the spiritual sphere.
The eye –representing the conscious mind- is trapped in the water kaleidoscope of moving images or “Unconsciousness Ocean”, referring to the symbolic associated to water. Yet, both are the two indispensable sides of the same route.
Looking into the Centre of the Water Circle is close to the meditative process, in which the mind tries to get free from any sensual and outer disturbance, be it conscious or unconscious … and necessarily reaches the deepest level of existence.

Mark Salvatus-Charles Buenconsejo (Philipina)
Amidst the chaos of the city, we can find a peaceful flow and melancholic drama if we stop and view our sorroundings in a different perspective.

Srđan Ðuranović (Serbia)
The main purpose of this project is to present a documentary, scientific research film dealing with water as one as the most important natural resources with an emphasis on problems related to the protection and improvement of wastewater quality in the Danube basin based on the actual situation in Vojvodina, Serbia. The film deals with the issues of wastewater, their impact on the environment, esspecially when industrial treatment is concerned. It includes relevant opinions of eminent technologists and scientists. Film's documentary form explores man's attitude towards water and applicable legislation, possible technical solutions and advantages of introducing appropriate facilities and technologies for the treatment of both communal and industrial wastewaters. In short, the film identifies the water problem and offers some scientific solutions.  

Aripin Petruk (Indonesia)
Sering kita mendengar ruwatan adalah pembersihan diri dari segala hal-hal yang jelek.........................
Istilah “Penyucian Diri” yang selama ini kita kenal dengan ”Meruat”, lebih luas lagi bahwa penyucian diri adalah melepaskan atau mengurangi sifat-sifat buruk dalam diri kita yang dapat merugikan diri sendiri dan orang lain. Apalagi situasi saat ini yang lagi carut marut disegala Sudut kehidupan.
Sebagaimana Air dalam gelas yang tadinya bersih ketika dicampur dengan kopi dan diaduk, maka warna air akan ikut menjadi hitam dan kita tidak bisa membedakan mana air dan mana kopi karena dalam keadaan bercampur.
Pada mulanya Air itu suci, masuk kelaut, ke telaga dan sumber-sumber air tetap jernih. Ketika dimasukkan kewadah yang kotor, maka seketika air menjadi kotor. Ketika dimasukkan kewadah yang bersih, air tetap bersih. Tetapi karena perjalanan waktu dan air itu tidak dijaga kebersihannya, maka airpun menjadi kotor, dan lama-lama berbau busuk. Demikian pula kehidupan, ketika memasuki tumbuh-tumbuhan, dia akan pasif tidak dapat kemana-mana. Ketika memasuki binatang sebagai tikus, dia akan menjadi penakut. Ketika masuk ketubuh Harimau, dia akan menjadi pemberani, buas dll, namun hanya bisa memakan daging, tidak bisa memakan tumbuhan. Ketika masuk ke tubuh kuda dia hanya bisa makan tumbuhan dan tidak tahu makan daging. Ketika masuk ke tubuh Manusia, dia akan bersuara, berbuat dan berfikir, dapat memakan tumbuhan dan binatang, bisa berbuat dan merubah yang baik menjadi jelek, yang rusak menjadi baik. Namun karena sering berbuat, berfikir dan berbicara yang mengarah pada jalan (duniawi) maka terselimuti oleh kekotoran duniawi. Selimut kekotoran inilah yang menyebabkan jadi gelap, sehingga tidak tahu dari mana asalnya dan ke mana tujuannya. Karena itulah perlu ada penyucian diri.


participants curriculum vitae

· MARK SALVATUS (Current Curriculum Vitae as of January 2010)
1980 Lucban, Philippines
works and lives in Manila, PH
+63 9393744889 • markrams@yahoo.com
projects: http://marksalvatus.blogspot.com

MFA, University of Santo Tomas, Manila, PH (ongoing)
BFA, major in Advertising Arts, Cum Laude
University of Santo Tomas College of Fine Arts & Design, Manila, PH
Diploma in Commercial Arts
University of Santo Tomas, College of Architecture and Fine Arts, Manila, PH
Grants and Residencies
2009 ACAR Asia Cultural Artist Residency, Gwangju, KR, Daedong Culture Foundation
2009 Shatana International Residency, Shatana, Irbid, JO, Triangle Arts Trust
2009 W.O.P. Residency at Green Papaya Art Projects, Quezon City, PH
2008 Arts Network Asia (ANA)
2007 Residency at Can Serrat Centro de Actividades Artisticas, Barcelona, ES
2007 Spanish Program for Cultural Cooperation (SPCC), Ministry of Culture of Spain
2007 Travel Grant for young artist, National Commission for Culture and the Arts, PH
2007 Residency at IASK Goyang Art Studio, Museum of Contemporay Art (MOCA) Seoul, KR

Selected Solo Exhibitions & Projects
2010 (Upcoming) Species, The Drawing Room, Manila, PH
2009 Court Yard, Pablo Gallery, Fort, Taguig, PH
Wrapped, Annexe Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, MY
2008 Good Morning Sickness, Nospace Gallery, Bangkok, TH
2007 Embolicat, Ajuntament del Bruc Regidoria de Cultura, Barcelona, ES
Wrapped, Goyang Art Studio Gallery, Seoul, South KR
2006 Jumbled Sequence Connection, Cubicle Gallery, Pasig City, PH
Eyes Wide Open, Pablo Gallery, Cubao Xpo, Quezon City PH

Selected Group Exhibitions & Projects

2010 (Upcoming) Next Wave Festival, Melbourne, AU
Paper Panic, 2-man show, 20Square Slab, Makati, PH

2009 Asia Panic, Gwangju Museum of Art, Biennale Hall, Gwangju, South KR
Spirit of Asia, Gallery Nine, Gwangju, South KR
Tutok: SoEna, Manila Contemporary Gallery, Manila, PH
Verso Manila, Verso Arte Contemporanea, Turin, IT
Forever and Ever and Ever and Ever, Valentine Willie Fine Art, SG
X-Change, Centre Culturel et de Coopération Linguistique, Surabaya, ID
Current, Sungdu-an 5, National Art Gallery, National Museum, Manila, PH
Daloy: 40 years, Cultural Center of the Philippines, Manila PH
Spoils of Love: Imagine the Silence, Greenbelt 5, Makati, PH
Open Day, different sites, Shatana, JO
Connecting Urban Spaces, Green Papaya Art Projects, Quezon City, PH
Cartographical Lure, Valentine Willie Fine Art, Kuala Lumpur, MY
5th International Artist's Book Triennial Vilnius, LT
EXCEPT, Sala Silentium" of Vicolo Bolognetti, Bolgna, IT
Welcome to the Jungle, Art Informal, Manila, PH
Tutok:Eduk, Tala Gallery, Quezon City, PH

2008 Here We Are, CologneOFF, Cologne, DE
Domestico ‘08, El Papel Del Artista, Calatrava, Madird, ES
Road:Rode, At The Vanishing Point (ATVP) Contemporary Art, Sydney, AU
In Transition, National Centres of Contemporary Art, Ekaterinburg and Moscow, RU
2nd Bagasbas Beach International Eco Arts Festival, Daet, Camarines Norte, PH
Zones of Influence, Ateneo Art Awards 2008, Ateneo Art Gallery, PH
Urban Jealousy, 1st International Roaming Biennial of Tehran, IR
(The Hafriyat Karaköy Necatibey Istanbul, TR; Gallery Wallywoods, Berlin, DE)
Digital Fringe, parallel event to MelbOURne Fringe Festival, Melbourne, AU
Salon de Arte Digital, Museum of Contemporary Art (MACZUL) Maracaibo, VE
Action Parties # 2, See Scape Art Hub / Wunderspaze, Chiang Mai, TH
Festival Air International, Sekolah Tinggi Seni Indonesia, Bandung, ID
Outdoor gallery, EDSA-Guadalupe electronic billboard, Manila, PH
Emyan Online Arts Festival v1.0, Cairo, EG
Tulay, I-Hotel Manila Town Center, San Francisco, USA
Boxed 3, Cubicle Art Gallery, Pasig City, PH
Tutok KKK, Blanc art space, Makati and Mandaluyong, PH
Amor Solo, Amores Muchos, Hiraya Gallery, Manila, PH
6th Uiwang International Placard Arts Festival, Uiwang, KR
Wedding between Yellow & Black, Uber Disco Studios, SE
How to Destroy a Gallery? LaVitrine Gallery, Maribor, SI
Tutok, National Art Gallery, Manila, PH
Tutok Kargado, Ateneo Art Gallery, PH
PLUG, 2Talk Arts Festival, Sambalikhaan Artists’ Village, Quezon City, PH
Roll Up, Grigore Mora Art Gallery,Bucharest, RO

2007 Delicate Situations, different sites, London, UK
4th Neo-Angono Public Arts Festival, Angono, Rizal, PH
Kasaysayang, Alab Art Space, Manila, PH
Chonbuk International Sculpture Exhibition, Chonbuk Art Gallery, KR
Open Studio 3, Goyang Art Studio, Seoul, KR
Ansan International Art Expo, Dan Won Museum, Ansan, KR
5th Uiwang International Placard Art Festival, Uiwang, KR
Boxed 2, Cultural Center of the Philippines, Manila, PH
December Show, Blanc Art Space, Makati City, PH
Tutok Perspektiba, Beato Angelico Gallery University of Santo Tomas, Manila
Faculty Center, University of the Philippines, Quezon City & Arnheim Gallery,St.
Scholastica College, PH
Langib, Beato Angelico Gallery UST, Manila, PH

2006 Dos por Dos, Boston Gallery, Quezon City, PH
Boxed, Big Sky Mind Gallery, New Manila, Quezon City, PH
Pab Hauz, Furniture & Graphic Design Collaboration, Pablo Gallery, Cubao X, PH

2005 Wallpaper*, works on paper,Big Sky Mind Gallery, New Manila, Quezon City, PH
Rebolusyon:Ilusyon, Cubicle Gallery, Pasig City, PH
Salvation, Corridor Gallery, College of Fine Arts, University of the PH
New Works. New Directions, Beato Angelico Gallery, UST, Manila, PH
Re-representation, Beato Angelico Gallery, UST, Manila, PH
Brushes with Words and Chords II, UST Museum, Manila, PH
Visions, GSIS Museum, Pasay City, PH
Adarna Art, Mag:net, Katipunan, Quezon City, PH

2004 International Exchange Exhibition for Design & Craft, Saga Prefecture Museum, Saga City, JP
Illustration works, University of St. La Salle, Bacolod City, PH
Ped Xing, UST Museum, Manila, PH

2003 Philip Morris - Philippine Art Awards Exhibit, Metropolitan Museum of Manila, PH

2002 Letras Y Figuras , The Podium, Mandaluyong City, PH
Printmakers Association of the Philippines, Cultural Center of the Philippines, PH
PLDT-DPC, Ayala Museum, Makati City, PH
Letras Y Figuras, Metropolitan Museum of Manila, Pasay City, PH

2001 ASEAN Universities Arts Festival, University Cultural Center, National University of SG
Eye on the World, (Nokia Art Awards) RCBC Plaza, Makati City, PH

Awards and Recognitions
2009 Nokia-Inquirer 10 Most Exciting Young Artist
2008 Short-listed, Ateneo Art Awards “Zones of Influence”
2008 Finalist (Book Design), National Book Award; Dissonant Umbrellas: Notes Toward a Gesamtkunstwerk
2007 National Book Award, Manila Critics Circle for “The Cat Painter”
2005 Finalist, National Book Award, Manila Critics Circle, “Papa’s House, Mama’s House
2004 Grand Prize, Philippine Board on Books for the Young-Alcala Illustrator’s Prize
2004 Honorable Mention, Art Association of the Philippines
2003 Finalist, Philip Morris-Philippine Art Awards
2003 Benavidez Outstanding Achievement Award conferred by UST
2003 First prize, UST inter-school on-the-spot painting contest
2002 Grand Prize, 2nd Artpetron students’ art competition
2002 Second Prize, Art Association of the Philippines Art Competiton
2002 Third Prize, Printmakers Association of the Philippines Open Fine print competition
2002 First Honorable Mention, Philippine Long Distance Telecom-DPC national students’ art competition

Public Collections
Asian Culture Complex, Gwangju Metropolitan City, South KR
Vargas Museum, University of the Philippines Diliman
University of Santo Tomas Museum of Arts and Sciences, Manila, PH
Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City, PH

· Charles Nikolas Buenconsejo
Block 11-Lot 6A, Tongonan St. NPC Village, Tandang Sora, Quezon City, Philippines
+63 9081879160 (C) +63 24553225 (H)

Major In Painting
University of the Philippines, Cebu

Awards and Recognitions
Hall of Famer, 2 Grand Prize and 1st Runner Up, Art Petron

Grand Prize and First Prize, Art Petron

List of Clients
Imagine, Preview Magazine, Manila Bulletin, Philippine Star, FHM, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Men's Health, 100 Magazine, Zee Magazine, Cebu Yearbook, Lighter Press, EMI Records, Guess, 5cm, Chaos Magazine, Fashionserved, Leg Love, Mental, Sanuk, Gateway Mall

Exhibition Record
Spoils Of Love: Imagine the Silence, Greenbelt 5, Makati, PH
Face 2 Face, Fiamma, Makati City, PH

Two Ways of Looking at It, Waterfront Hotel, Lahug, Cebu, PH

Pecha Kucha Night, 2008, Mag:net, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig, PH

Visiting Artist Lecture
University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City, PH

Exhibition Juried
Proview Photo Contest, Ortigas, PH

· Charlie Crooijmans- Ducth (Video Art)
Born in Dutch. Learn autodidact to multimedia artist , music and art are intimately linked. Motion, waves and circular and organic shapes are the most important features of her work. Co-producer of Wind, a mini documentary about Winti religion from Surinam in Amsterdam (2001), Group exhibition at interkultureller Kunstmarkt, koln (2001), Member of HUT, a mobile museum of Werkplaats Ruim, performance at the festival: “Mooi Weer Spelen 2001” in delft, Holland (2001), Audio/video editor for the project One World Many Musics at Codarts, Rotterdam (2001-2004), Producer of a short video of the annual prize-distribution ceremony of National Theatre Awards for the Bureau Promotie Podiumkunsten (2004-2008).

· Daniel Kho- Bali Indonesia (Video Art)

Lahir 1956 di Jawa Tengah, Indonesia. Pada awal 70's Daniel Kho mempelajari teknik pembuatan batik, patung dan lukisan sebagai seorang otodidak. 1977, ia pindah ke Jerman. 1979-2007 tinggal dan bekerja di Cologne Jerman. Pada tahun 1989 ia menjadi mahasiswa di Lemgo Desain interior College (FH Lemgo); 1993 bersama dengan teman-temannya membuat kelompok seni "Wulung"; 1998 menerima beasiswa dari Yayasan Seni Eschweiler Yakub; 1999-2006 ia mengajar seni sebagai bagian dari "MUS-E Artis School" pada tahun 2002 ia mendirikan "Teater Shadow Kho" di Cologne, sejak 2008 tinggal dan bekerja di Ubud Bali Indonesia.

Pameran dan performance terpilih dari Daniel Kho, performance Meido (takut) - Cinta galeri, Caracas, Venezuela (1978), performance Aloene-Bima Modern Arts Gallery, Singapura (1979), performance Niema (Tidak ada)-Street galeri, Wroclaw, Polandia (1980), performance Air (Water) - Chao Phraya, Bangkok, Thailand (1982), performance Daxi (OK) - Artos Galeri, Athena, Yunani (1983), performance Pagar (Pay) - Galeri Seni esse, Barcelona, Spanyol, Halal (Legally) -Duta Fine Arts, Marrakesh, Marocco (1984), performance Da (Ya) - Street Galeri, Burgas, Bulgaria (1987), Performance Jo melon (Favorit lukisan) - pengaruh Galeri, Wina, Austria (1989), Solo-Pameran Götter und Damonen (Gods and Demons)-Belmon Galeri, Lohmar, Jerman (1990), performance Gerakan di balik bayang-bayang-Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Jerman, kelahiran (kelahiran) - Solo Pameran Galeri Hidayat, Bandung, Indonesia (1993), Performance Buddha Jari-Berbagi waktu, Acropolis, Athena, Yunani (1994), Performance Djagad (Dunia) - Gita Art Gallery, Bombay, India, Solo-Pameran Magicsche Welt (Magic World) - Galeri Seni Keluar, Cologne, Jerman (1995), Solo -Pameran Srimimpi (Mimpi Sri) - Seni N UU Galeri, Mainz, Jerman (1996), Solo-Pameran Srimimpi (Mimpi Sri) - Asia-Pasifik Galeri, Cologne, Jerman (1997), Solo-Pameran Wunderland (Wonderland) - Lise Galeri, Leverkusen, Jerman (1998), Pameran Solo-Bergolak-Asia-Pasific Reisen Galeri, Cologne, Jerman (1999), Pameran Solo batak-Museum of Anthropology, Frankfurt, Jerman, Black Beauty-Markt 21 Galeri, Weimar, Jerman, Dragon's Year-Galeri Baroco II, Cologne, Jerman (2000). Performance Aller (Walk) - Galeri Seni neuva, Paris, Perancis. Neo Etno Seni-Mart Galeri Seni Torres, Ibiza, Spanyol (2001). 2 Intercultular Fair-Community Cultural Center, Cologne, Jerman (2002). Solo-Pameran Etno Pop Art-The Gallery, Berlin, Jerman (2003), Pameran Solo BAF My World-Exhibition Hall, Cologne, Jerman (2004), Pameran Solo der Welt trauma (World of Dreams) - Galeri Seni Marta Torres, Ibiza , Spanyol. Mikrokosmos (mikrokosmos) - Galeri Seni Bont, Cologne, Jerman (2005). Solo-mikrokosmos-Marta Pameran Galeri Seni Torres, Ibiza, Spanyol. A Panoramic View-The Arya Seni Art Gallery, Singapura. Magicjar-MAYA Galeri, Bangkok. Bubble-Temporal Galeri, Hongkong (2006). Seni Singapura-With The Arya Seni Art Gallery, Singapura (2007). Pameran solo-Ciao-Asia Pasifik Galeri, Cologne, Jerman (2008). Babak Dunia Indra II-Grand Hotel Petersberg, Bonn, Jerman. Apa itu apa ini-Klungkung, Bali, Indonesia (2009).

Ivana Stojakovic (1976) is a visual artist based in Belgrade (Serbia) and Bandung (Indonesia).
She graduated at Faculty for Fine Arts in Belgrade, and is currently working on her Magister thesis at the same Faculty. For a three years she have been studied Indonesian theatre and art at STSI – University of Art in Bandung(Indonesia).

Interested in the unconscious, she tends to make it material by using different, sometimes contrasted media, which leads her toward the complex conceptual work. Through experimental attempts, Ivana tries to connect her spiritual roots with new technologies.

She is in the status of a free lance artist and Member of ULUS - Fine Arts Association of Serbia, section of mixed media. She realized 12 solo exhibitions and projects and took part in more than 50 group exhibitions and festivals in Europe and Indonesia. She participated in several art colonies, creative workshop and other additional activities in the field of art. She received several awards for artistic work and grants for study and residences.

· Aleksandra Acic (Video Art)
My name is Aleksandra Acic. I was born in 1980 in Serbia. I graduated at the Faculty of Fine Arts in 2006 year, at the painting department in Belgrade . Curently, I am a Phd student at the University of Arts, at digital arts department in Belgrade.
Selected juried group shows:
2010 - `She-story`, Zadar, Croatia
2009 – April`s meetings, SKC, Belgrade 2009-`08 - Spring salon, pavilion Cvijeta Zuzoric, Belgrade 2008-07 – Autumn salon, pavilion Cvijeta Zuzoric, Belgrade 2006- Awarded students exhibition, FLU gallery, Belgrade
Solo shows:
2009 - `Inscriptions of the Shadows`, art@artgallery, Belgrade
2007 - `Bells` , Blockgallery, Belgrade
2009 - Videomedeja, Novi Sad
2009 - Special Mention, Videomedeja, Novi Sad
2006 – award for painting `Ljubica Sokic, painter and professor ALU`

· Srđan Đuranović (Video Art)
Members of the team are professionals of the academic education, who cooperate on projects bases in production of short films, documentaries, animated and corporate films. On this occasion, only the most significant film projects from the last four years are numbered.

2003. “ Vrdnik-the art of living”; adven-touristic documentary;DVCAM;21min
(special prize at Mefest 2003.) adven-touristic documentary, production:
tourist organization of Vojvodina & Terra film; festivals:Yugoslav
festival of short and documentary film2004, Belgrade, Serbia,
TOURFILM2004, Check Republic…

“ Vojvodina by Danube”;adven-touristic documentary;DV;10min
production- tourist organization of vojvodina kinoklub novi sad
(prize at Document.Art festival,Romania 2004.)
2004. “ Inquore”;fiction-(workshop film); DV; 6 min.; production:kinoklub novi
sad&freeka festival(prize for experimental film at Sajeta 2005, Tolmin, Slovenia)
2005. “ Roots and flowers stage”, music documentary, DVCAM, 7 min.
production: Global Village People and Exit festival
screened at: local, region and national television
2006. “ Roots and flowers stage”, music documentary, DVCAM, 16 min.
production: Global Village People and Exit festival
screened at: local, region and national television
Full version available at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GcdUL6kvAI

“ The last Swan lake”, fiction, 35mm color, 10 min. 30 sec.
production: kuda.org and Druid films
Festival of Mediterranean film Montpellier 2006 (official selection)
BalkanBlackBox Berlin (competition) 2006
Film front festival 2006, Novi Sad, (competition)
Balkan Music&Art festival 2007, Rotterdam (competition)
International  Film Festival ZOOM – Zbliżenia2007, Poland(competition)
International festival de cine de Huesca 2007 (competition), Spain
Film festival of Serbia 2007, Novi Sad
Busho 2007 (outlined category), Budapest
Motovun film festival 2007, Croatia
Festival de cinema pobre Cuba 2008
Cinema city 2008, Novi Sad, Serbia…
Insert available at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrghUN5-mlU

“ Which country is this?", touristic promo, DVCAM, 6 min.
Production: Tourist organization of Vojvodina
screened at national and regional television
Full version available at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L38cDdoIiNM

1. “Water=Life” – ecological documentary,
Supported and financed by Ministry of Environmental Protection of the Republic
of Serbia, Municipal department for environment protection of city of Novi Sad and Gmbh HAFI
- engineering & consulting and several sponsors
Director: Srdjan Djuranovic

Trailer available at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFAZgBjYj1M

2. “Tales from the Old testiment”- animated series
Production: “Duga” publishing house and Druid films
Graphic animation: Igor stevic
Director: Nenad Mikalacki

Pilot insert available at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXJhuYMY8Qo

3. “Far from home” – short feature film, in phase of preparation, selected for final
pitching at Robert Bosch Stiftung co-production prize at this year Go-East
festival in Wiesbaden
Production: Druid films and 24 Hz (Germany)
Screenplay: Felix Warnitz and Nenad Mikalacki
Director: Nenad Mikalački

4. “Folk tales and legend from Vojvodina – series” – in phase of preparation
Production: Druid films and Eyecatch Productions (Germany)

Projects short info: http://www.rhiz.eu/artefact-8134-en.html

5. "Brujanje/Zugas/Brummen/Bruitage/Humming"- feature length film – in
phase of preproduction
Production: Druid films (Serbia), Strada film (Romania), ZYX Media Perspectives
(Romania), Magic box multimedia (Serbia)
Director: Nenad Mikalački

Projects short info: http://www.druid.rs/kultura1.html#start

6. „China town/Kineska ¼“ – documentary, in phase of production
Production:Druid films, Direction for culture of city of novi Sad and Museum of
contemporary art of Vojvodina

Teaser available at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJYQx2991nk

· Ivana Stojakovic (Video Art)
Ivana Stojakovic (1976) is a visual artist based in Belgrade (Serbia) and Bandung (Indonesia).
She graduated at Faculty for Fine Arts in Belgrade, and is currently working on her Magister thesis at the same Faculty. For a three years she have been studied Indonesian theatre and art at STSI – University of Art in Bandung(Indonesia).

Interested in the unconscious, she tends to make it material by using different, sometimes contrasted media, which leads her toward the complex conceptual work. Through experimental attempts, Ivana tries to connect her spiritual roots with new technologies.

She is in the status of a free lance artist and Member of ULUS - Fine Arts Association of Serbia, section of mixed media. She realized 12 solo exhibitions and projects and took part in more than 50 group exhibitions and festivals in Europe and Indonesia. She participated in several art colonies, creative workshop and other additional activities in the field of art. She received several awards for artistic work and grants for study and residences.


- THERE HAS BEEN A ROUND… – drawings
Gallery SKC, Obrenovac
- MIRIS DUSE - experimental conceptual photography
Gallery “Vladislav Marzik”, Kraljevo
- SOUL OF TARAWANGSA - performance
“Selasar sunaryo Art space”, Bandung, Indonesia
- SCENTING – experimental conceptual photography
Gallery “E’sp art” , Bandung, Indonesia
Gallery “Coral”, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Gallery “Sika”, Ubud (Bali), Indonesia
Gallery “ Bentara Budaya”, Jakarta, Indonesia


- December’s salon – Gallery ULUS, Belgrade
- NamaTRE.ba3 – video exhibition, Academy Of Fine Arts, Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina
- Second biennale of Serbian drawings, Historical archive, Pancevo,
- 30 x 30, Contemporary gallery , Zrenjanin
- Exhibition of small format, Centre of culture ,Sabac
- Urban (R)evolutions #2: Urban stills, Festival Miden, Kalamata, Greece
- Selling’s exhibition of members of ULUS-a povodom 25. Letnje univerzijade, Gallery ULUS, Belgrade
- How art lives (Art Festival Yoyakarta-FKY), Gallery “Benteng Wredeburg” , Yogyakarta, Indonesia
- 16 exhibition of drawing, Centre of culture, Sabac
- XIII Group exhibition, Gallery NUBS, Belgrade
- Salon of young, House of culture, Novi Pazar
- Attitude- video festival, Public places, Bitolj, Macedonia
- Erotic (Night of museum), MMC Led art - Art klinika, Novi Sad
- Love is (Night of museum), Museum of Nature protection of Serbia, Novi Sad
- Open communication, Centre of culture, Rancic`s hous , Grocka
- April’s meetings, Student Cultural Centre, Belgrade
- VII international exhibition “Women painters”, Center for Culture, Majdanpek
- Glocal project, Surrey Art Gallery, Surrey, Canada
- Braga photo festival IV, Gallery YPK, Bandung, Indonesia
- December’s salon, Gallery ULUS, Belgrade
- III November’s salon, Gallery “Vladislav Marzik”, Kraljevo
- Festival “Sunan Ambu”, Hall “Sunan Ambu”, Bandung, Indonesia
- Summer’s selling exhibition, Gallery “ULUS”, Belgrade
- “Places of poetry”-drawing and sculpture, Gallery “ULUS”, Belgrade
- International Water festival 2008, STSI Bandung, Bandung, Indonesia
- The evolution of the photogram, Gallery “Media Rekam”, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
- The evolution of the photogram, Gallery “Rumah teh”, Bandung, Indonesia
- Braga photo festival III, Gallery YPK, Bandung, Indonesia
- Octopus – The first, international biennial of mix-media of Serbia, Gallery “New moment”, Belgrade
- The first Pancevo`s biennial of original drawing, Historical archive, Pancevo


2009 Reward for conceptual artwork at VII International exhibition “Women painters”, Majdanpek
2008 Reward for drawing of November’s salon in Kraljevo


lomba penulisan surat tentang air


Perilaku merusak lingkungan (khususnya air sebagai sumber daya alami) yang sudah sangat mengakar di berbagai lapisan birokrasi dan masyarakat, memerlukan upaya-upaya pencegahan yang melibatkan seluruh anggota masyarakat. Upaya strategis yang masih memerlukan dukungan masyarakat secara luas adalah menumbuhkan semangat pemuliaan lingkungan pada kalangan generasi muda. Eksistensi dan daya juang kelompok pencinta lingkungan di beberapa daerah, setidaknya telah berhasil memberikan edukasi dan ‘penyadaran’ bertahap kepada masyarakat, namun tidaklah menghentikan perusakan yang dilakukan baik oleh masyarakat secara langsung maupun oleh pemerintah melalui system dan kebijakan yang tidak memihak pada pelestarian lingkungan-pemuliaan air. Apa yang dilakukan kelompok pencinta lingkungan tersebut baru menyentuh sebagian kecil dari permasalahan pemuliaan air. Tindakan nyata masyarakatlah, entah itu berupa upaya tidak mendukung perusakan air entah melakukan kampanye pemuliaan air di lingkungan sendiri, yang paling mujarab dalam menangani permasalahan air yang tiap tahun menjadi perhatian serius dari para pencinta lingkungan, tak hanya di Indonesia, tetapi juga di dunia.

Salah satu contoh kampanye pemuliaan air yang dilakukan atas inisiatif sendiri adalah roadshow workshop pemuliaan air oleh sejumlah seniman. Roadshow merupakan media sosialisasi pemuliaan air yang nantinya menjadi stimulus bagi siswa untuk menulis surat mengenai air yang ditujukan kepada Presiden Republik Indonesia atau Menteri Lingkungan Hidup.

Melalui gerakan kebudayaan dalam upaya menumbuhkembangkan kesadaran pemuliaan air sebagai sebuah bentuk advokasi dan edukasi kepada masyarakat, diselelenggarakanlah rangkaian kegiatan budaya; sebuah gerakan kebudayaan yang dinilai mampu mempengaruhi dan mengajak masyarakat untuk kembali merefleksikan nilai-nilai sosial mengenai pemuliaan air.

Tujuan lomba ini terkait dengan upaya untuk menumbuhkan semangat peduli lingkungan, khususnya air di kalangan generasi muda. Pemuliaan air dinilai sangat penting bagi kelangsungan sumber daya alami untuk kelangsungan juga hidup manusia. Diharapkan melalui lomba penulisan surat ini, akan muncul perubahan, baik perilaku maupun kebijakan yang setidaknya mengacu pada pemuliaan air.

Tema lomba penulisan surat ini adalah:
1. Kesehatan Sungai
2. Pemanfaatan Air
3. Banjir dan Kekeringan

Setiap peserta bebas memilih satu tema

1. Tulisan harus merupakan karya asli siswa dan mendapatkan rekomendasi dari sekolah yang bersangkutan
2. Tulisan belum pernah dipublikasikan di majalah sekolah maupun media umum
3. Peserta adalah siswa yang masih aktif (bukan alumnus)
4. Panjang tulisan 1 sampai 3 halaman ketik computer, 1,5 spasi, font Times News Roman 12 poin
5. Bentuk tulisan adalah surat pribadi atau surat resmi yang ditujukan kepada Presiden Republik Indonesia atau Menteri Lingkungan Hidup
6. Memakai bahasa Indonesia baku atau popular
7. Identitas dan alamat peserta ditulis di bagian bawah tulisan dengan jelas
8. Naskah sofcopy dikirimkan melalui email ke internationalwaterfest@gmail.com dengan ditulis subjek berita LOMBA PENULISAN SURAT (nama sekolah) selambat-lambatnya tanggal 8 Mei 2010
9. Keputusan Juri mutlak dan tidak bisa diganggu gugat
10. Dalam lomba penulisan ini, panitia tidak mengutip biaya apapun kepada peserta baik siswa maupun sekolah

Juara I : Rp. 1.000.000,-
Juara II : Rp. 750..000,-
Juara III : Rp. 500.000,-
Juara Harapan I sampai VII masing-masing mendapatkan Rp. 300.000,-

Tulisan yang mendapatkan juara I hingga Juara Harapan VII rencananya akan diterbitkan dalam buku beserta beberapa foto bertema air.
Seluruh peserta dan sekolah yang terlibat akan mendapatkan sertifikat dari penyelenggara.

2. Perkumpulan Seni Indonesia
3. Ikatan Penerbit Indonesia

Kerja sama antara emtiarts, Wahana Lingkungan Hidup Indonesia, Perkumpulan Seni Indonesia, dan Ikatan Penerbit Indonesia.



This is process to prepare International water Fest 2010. Coordination about item and strategy to publish our program.



Photo of International Water Fest 2008

International Water Fest, was started on 2008. This is a documentation about International Water Fest 2008 in Bandung.



This event will consist of series of activities which cover:

a. Performance Art
This performance art will involve theatre, dance and musical performance. The opening and closing of the festival will be a theatre performance by Teater Payung Hitam and mainteater. It will also include dance and musical performance in a solo way.

b. Seminar
This seminar will cover water sustainability issue which continues to lessen. It will also cover the issue related to water in more complexes sense, for example the industry character that doesn’t pay much attention to environment, thus it results in water polluting, etc. We expect that this seminar is not only just a talk with a conclusion, but it is expected to result in a more concrete continuity about the management of water and environment. This seminar will have the representative of WALHI (National Director), public figure (Abah Iwan), State Minister for the Environment, leader of traditional society (Kampung Naga), and celebrities.

c. Photo and Poster Exhibition
This exhibition will focus on the water issue. The inventorying process will be done to the participants that are allowed to join this exhibition. Besides displaying the photos, the posters from the competition are also being displayed. It is not only the winning posters that are displayed, but also other posters as an appreciation of the issue. The exhibition will be held in the Lobby of GK Sunan Ambu STSI Bandung. Some of the photos and posters of the winners will then be published in the book of creative writing competition as an insertion.

d. Documentary Film Screening
This screening will focus on video art and documentary film which are made by participants from 10 countries. The discussion will be done to support the screening so that the impact is not only limited to visual appreciation. The speakers of the discussion are from the participants and experts (Slamet Rahardjo/Garin Nugroho). As the insertion, the documentary film from Eagle Awards (Metro TV) and the other documentary film with water issue will be played.

e. Creative Writing Competition
High school students will be the target as the agent of change who will initiate and execute the formulation of strategies and solutions which emerge from workshop and discussion (roadshow). The participants of this competition will write a letter to President and essay to State Minister of Environment. The competition is open for high school students in Bandung and surrounding. The theme of the writing is about water.

f. Poster Design Contest
University students will be the main target in this posters making contest about water. This contest is expected to emerge awareness to love water (environment) through visual appreciation.

g. Roadshow
The roadshow will take place in high schools with the content film screening about environment (Eagle Awards, another movie with water as the theme), video art, and discussion, distribution of water filtering and planting a tree. The socialization about creative writing competition will be done in this roadshow. It can be a discussion or a short workshop.

h. Publication
The works from creative writing and poster design competition winners will be documented in a book and it will be distributed to schools, libraries, public and private universities and civil organizations as the part of water and environmental care campaign. The book will be distributed for free so that the expected impact plant deep in the heart. The discussion of the book will be held as the launching of the book.



Water Festival is an activity concerns to water glorification ethos which is held by Payung Hitam Foundation, the organization which develops environmental care program through the appreciation of wider public from many activities, environment workshop, seminar and performance art.

Water Festival is started in 2008. It is in the form of performance art from domestic and foreign artists, such as Dance Performance from Africa, Theatre Performance from Indonesia, Collaboration of Art Installation and Video Art from Serbia, Philippine and United States of America with Global Warming as the issue. 10 countries will join this Water Festival 2010: Serbia, Japan, Netherland, Philippine, America, Canada, New Zealand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and South Africa.

This cultural movement is the attempt to develop the awareness of water glorification as the method of advocacy and education for public. Payung Hitam Foundation works together with emtiarts in managing an event called International Water Festival 2010 with emphasizing on the art of performance (theatre, dance, musical, and art installation), seminar, creative writing and a roadshow to high schools.